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RAF Gaza was a Second World War RAF airfield in the present day Gaza Strip,[1] probably on the site of Karni crossing.


During the Second World War RAF Gaza was used by a number of RAF squadrons, including 33, 45, 127, 208, 318 and 451 Squadrons. No.2 Air Crew Officers School was based on the airfield, and the Greek Training Flight was also based there from 1941-1942. The airfield was used as the Middle East ammunition depot from July to September 1942. It was in use by 1941, and may have first been used earlier. RAF Gaza was on the site of present-day Karni crossing[2] between the Gaza Strip and Israel. Although no remains of the airfield itself are visible today, the British concrete road linking the airfield with the ammunition storage areas (located about 6 km south of the airfield, still visible today) is visible and in good shape.[3]

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