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RAF Mauripur was a Royal Air Force station in British India outside of Karachi. It is now known as Masroor Airbase.

British units continued to use the airfield after the creation of Pakistan in 1947, finally leaving in 1956 - Pakistan becoming a republic at this time, and the RAF airfields at Gan and Masirah taking over RAF Far East Air Force staging duties from Mauripur and Habbaniya which closed at around the same time.

Units and aircraftEdit

Unit Dates Aircraft Variant Notes
No. 5 Squadron RAF 1947 Hawker Tempest F2 Single-engined (piston) fighter
No. 10 Squadron RAF 1946-1947 Douglas Dakota Twin-engined piston transport
No. 20 Squadron RAF 1947 Hawker Tempest F2
No. 31 Squadron RAF 1946 and 1947 Douglas Dakota Was 77 Sqn
No. 62 Squadron RAF 1947 Douglas Dakota
No. 77 Squadron RAF 1945-1946 Douglas Dakota Renumbered 31 Sqn
No. 117 Squadron RAF 1943 Douglas Dakota
No. 267 Squadron RAF 1945-1946 Douglas Dakota Detachments from Mingaladon
No. 298 Squadron RAF 1946 Handley Page Halifax A7 Four-engined piston heavy bomber transport conversion


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