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RAF North Creake
Country United Kingdom
Branch Royal Air Force
Service history
Active December 1943 – 1945
Role Bomber / Special operations
Part of No. 100 Group RAF
Colors Ensign of the Royal Air Force

RAF North Creake was a World War II era RAF Heavy Bomber airfield located just to the north of the Norfolk medieval village of Egmere, five miles northwest of Fakenham.

Second World War usageEdit

Originally used in 1941 as a decoy site for RAF Docking, construction of this Class A airfield began in October 1942, with the station being provided with accommodation for 2,951 male and 411 female staff. The airfield had three concrete runways, 04-24 (2,000 yards) and O1-19 and 13-31 (1,400 yards). There were 36 loop type hardstandings, two T2 hangars and one B1 hangar.

By December 1943 the airfield had passed to 100 Group, although it did not immediately become operational as consideration was given to upgrading the airfield to Very Heavy Bomber Standard. In the event, this did not take place, with RAF Sculthorpe being selected for upgrade.

Short Stirling III from 199 Squadron arrived in May 1944 to complete Window and Mandrel operations against enemy radar tracking of Bomber Command raids. In September 1944, No. 199's 'C' Flight was used to re-form 171 Squadron, who contributed to 100 Group's radio counter-measures activities.

Seventeen aircraft were lost during operations from the airfield, eight Stirling and nine Halifax.

Post-War useEdit

After the War, the airfield was used for the storage and scrapping of aircraft, mostly Mosquitoes. The RAF relinquished the station in 1947, and the area is now used for agriculture, though some evidence of runways, buildings and facilities remains. The control tower survives, and has been converted into a house.

Operational units and aircraftEdit


Coordinates: 52°54′36″N 0°49′01″E / 52.910°N 0.817°E / 52.910; 0.817

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