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RAF Pucklechurch

Ensign of the Royal Air Force

Located near Pucklechurch in Gloucestershire
Type Balloon Centre
Coordinates Latitude: 51.4811
Longitude: -2.4361
Built 1939 (1939)
In use 1939-1959
Air Ministry
Controlled by Royal Air Force
Garrison RAF Balloon Command
RAF Maintenance Command

RAF Pucklechurch was a Royal Air Force site in Pucklechurch, Gloucestershire from 9 August 1939 until 31 December 1959. It became known as RAF Pucklechurch on 16 June 1952. It was transferred to HM Prison Service in September 1962 and became Pucklechurch Remand Centre.


During the war barrage balloons were an important defence to the industry and transport sites in the Bristol region. There were large hangars and fuel storage facilities. Pucklechurch was under the command of the RAF Filton station commander.

From April 1957 to September 1959 it housed the Joint Services School for Applied Linguistics and the RAF Chinese Language School.[1]

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Since September 1962 it become Pucklechurch Remand Centre and later Ashfield Young Offender Institution.

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