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RAF Quedgeley

Ensign of the Royal Air Force

Located near Quedgeley in Gloucestershire
Type Non-flying
Coordinates Latitude: 51.8204
Longitude: -2.2675
Built 1914 (1914)
In use 1914-1926
Ministry of Defence
Controlled by Royal Air Force
Garrison RAF Maintenance Command

RAF Quedgeley was a Royal Air Force station near Quedgeley, Gloucestershire.


The site was first occupied in 1914. It closed as an independent RAF unit on 13 February 1995.

As of 1915 part of the site was the No 5 National Filling Factory[1] which supplied ammunition during the First World War. At one point 6364 people were employed at the site, mainly women. The factory produced over 10.5 million 14" and 16" shells, 7 million cartridge and 23 million fuses and other components. The buildings were demolished between 1924 and 1926.

In World War II, No. 7 Maintenance Unit, RAF Quedgeley was opened on 15 April 1939 as a storage and maintenance site for aircraft equipment and motor vehicles. It continued in this logistics role until its closure in 1995, with the storage of large quantities of basic equipment such as furniture.

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The site has subsequently been sold and is being developed for housing and industrial uses.

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