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RAF Stafford

Ensign of the Royal Air Force

near Stafford, Staffordshire, England
Gate Guardian RAF Stafford
Type Military base
Coordinates Latitude: 52.8231
Longitude: -2.1019
In use ????–2006
Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom)
Open to
the public

RAF Stafford was a non-flying Royal Air Force station in Stafford Staffordshire, England.


Originally home to No 16 Maintenance Unit as an Equipment Supply Depot, this part of the station is now run by the Defence Logistics Organisation. No 2 Mechanical Transport Squadron, part of Stafford located 85 ELW, which provided transport assistance for unit moves and deployments moved to RAF Station Wittering, in Cambridgeshire in 2006. Remaining at Stafford is the Tactical Supply Wing (TSW), which operates mobile fuel handling facilities for helicopters deployed in the field.


In April 2004 it was announced that units from RAF Stafford will be moved to RAF Wittering, effectively closing the station. However, in 2005, it emerged that the Army was considering using the base for the newly reformed 22 Signals Regiment, TSW still remain at Stafford. RAF Stafford officially ceased to be an RAF station on 31 March 2006 to become MoD Stafford. 22 Signals Regiment officially moved in in 2007.


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