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Royal Air Force Staxton Wold

Ensign of the Royal Air Force

near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England
Type Radar station
Coordinates Latitude: 54.186389
Longitude: -0.434444
Built 1936 (1936)
In use 1937–Present
Open to
the public

RAF Staxton Wold is a Royal Air Force radar station near Scarborough in North Yorkshire.

The official RAF descriptions states that RAF Staxton Wold has been used as an early warning station since the 3rd Century AD, when it was the site of a warning beacon. It was first used as a radar station in 1937, when it was set up as part of the Chain Home system. It is the only one of the original stations still in use, and may thus claim to be the oldest continuously serving radar station. Today it is a Remote Radar Head (RRH) within the United Kingdom Air Surveillance and Control System (UKASACS)


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