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Coordinates: 51°30′15″N 03°40′13″W / 51.50417°N 3.67028°W / 51.50417; -3.67028 Royal Air Force Station Stormy Down, or more simply RAF Stormy Down is a former Royal Air Force station located near Pyle, Bridgend and opened in 1940.

History[edit | edit source]

It was an armament training school for the Royal Air Force (RAF) then after they departed the French took the station over and later American forces were also stationed at 'Stormy'. Flying ceased in August 1944 due to the dangerous grass landing strip. However the airfield continued to be used for occasional private aircraft and a glider club for a number of years. Stormy Down was the main base for the area and was directly connected to RAF St Athan using a long taxiway stretching around 30 miles from each other.

Current use[edit | edit source]

The site is now used by Cenin Concrete Products Ltd, as a Research, Development & Production Centre. The site is also the operating base for Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre. The site is also used for a weekly car boot sale. A proposal to site wind turbines on the disused airfield has been made and a solar energy facility built on the site.

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