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Place of origin  South Africa
Production history
Designer IADSA
Manufacturer BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa
Variants RG-34 (4x4)
Weight 8.5-10 tonnes
Length 4.65 m
Width 2.45 m
Height 2.02 m
Crew 1+1+6

Armor Ballistic steel
80 mm smoke grenade dischargers
Engine Intercooled diesel
160 kW (215 hp)
Power/weight 25.1 hp/tonne
Suspension 4-Link beam axle with hydro-pneumatic strut
Fuel capacity 156 litres
600 km
Speed 108 km/h

RG-34, also known as Iguana FV4, is a mine-resistant light armored vehicle designed by IADSA.

The Iguana was developed by IADSA, under contract from Sabiex in Belgium. In June 2009, BAE Land Systems obtained the rights to develop and manufacture the vehicle.[1]

As with all modern South-African military vehicles, special effort has been taken to make the vehicle mine-resistant. It has also a special multi-link hydro-pneumatic suspension, which is mounted on a very rigid structure. This provides the vehicle with excellent road performance, a small turning circle and comfortable clearance over humps.

The vehicle is suitable for several multi purpose light operations such as reconnaissance, patrol, command and logistics (e.g. ambulance), fire support (weapon platforms, including a 90mm low-recoil gun) and internal security.

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