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Type Rocket-propelled grenade
Place of origin Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czechoslovakia
Service history
In service 1975-present
Used by Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland (limited use by GROM)
Production history
Designed 1970s
Weight 3.2 kg (15 lb)
Length 630 mm (folded) / 890 mm (combat ready)

Caliber 68 mm
Muzzle velocity 189 m/s
Maximum range 300 m
Sights Leaf sight

The RPG-75 is a portable single-shot anti-tank weapon, developed in the 1970s in Czechoslovakia. It fires a 68 mm rocket with an effective range of 300 meters and maximum range of 1000 meters. It resembles the American M72 LAW rocket launcher.

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