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Beauclerk coat of arms

Rafael Charles (Ralph) Beauclerk (1917–2007), 6th Marquis de Valero de Urría, was in remainder to the dukedom of Saint Albans.[1]

Both parents of Captain Rafael Beauclerk were of aristocratic descent. His father was engineer William Topham Sidney Beauclerk (1864–1950), whose great-grandfather was Topham Beauclerk, who was in turn a grandson of the 1st Duke of St Albans.[2] His mother was Lola, Countess de Peñalver (died 19 November 1972), only surviving child of Enrique, 6th Marquis de Arcos.[2]

Educated at Downside School and then in France,[2] Captain Beauclerk served as a military intelligence officer during World War II.[3]

After distinguished military service, he became a merchant banker overseas including in Hong Kong and Shanghai. In 1989, he inherited one of his Spanish family's marquessates, that of Valero de Urría; a relation of his is Esther Koplowitz, now 8th Marquesa de Casa Peñalver.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

On 24 August 1957 at Saigon, Vietnam, he married Noirine Mary Bowen (died 20 January 1997), daughter of James Bowen, of Bowen's Cross, County Cork;[2] they had two children:

  • Dolores Mary Beauclerk (born 11 Jul 1958), married Dr Richard Makower and has three children.
  • William Rafael Beauclerk (born 14 Aug 1961), ex Lieutenant in the Royal Navy serving on HMY Britannia,[2] now 7th Marquis de Valero de Urría. His wife, since 1986, is Margaret Eleanor Mountjoy; they have a daughter and two sons:
    • Charlotte Mary Beauclerk (born 24 July 1987), heir apparent to the marquessate.
    • Alexander Charles Beauclerk (born 11 February 1990).
    • Cameron William Beauclerk (born 25 March 1993).[2]

Honours and decorations[edit | edit source]

The 6th Marquis de Valero de Urría was awarded :

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