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Ramadevi Choudhury
Born (1899-12-03)3 December 1899
Satyabhamapur village, Cuttack district
Died 22 July 1985(1985-07-22) (aged 85)
Cuttack, Orissa
Nationality Indian
Other names Ma Rama Devi
Occupation Indian independence activists

Ramadevi Choudhury ( born in Cuttack, 3 December 1899 - Died 22 July 1985 ) was an Indian freedom fighter and a social reformer. Among women freedom fighters of Odisha, she occupied a unique and unparallel position who played an outstanding role in the freedom movement of the state.[1] She was called Maa (Mother) by the people of Orissa. She was the daughter of Gopal Ballav Das and the niece of Utkal Gaurab Madhusudan Das. At the age of 15, she married Gopabandhu Choudhury, then a Deputy Collector; the two together joined the Indian independence movement in 1921.[2] After the Independence of India in 1947, Rama Devi dedicated herself to the cause of Bhoodan and Gramdan movement of Acharya Vinoba Bhave.[3] Along with her husband she traveled on foot about 4000 kilometres across the state to propagate the message of gifting land and wealth to the landless and poor.

In recognition of her services to the nation, Ramadevi was honoured with the Jamnalal Bajaj Award [4][5] on the 4th November, 1981 and the Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris causa) by Utkal University on the 16th April, 1984. She died on 22 July 1985.

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