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RCL L106 Antwerp moored in Akrotiri harbour, Cyprus

The Ramped Craft Logistic (RCL) is a type of landing craft operated by the Royal Logistic Corps of the British Army. From the early 1980s onwards it was deployed to replace the RPL (Ramped Powered Lighter). One of its first roles was to provide logistical support during the setting up of the garrison in the Falkland Islands immediately after the Falklands War. There are currently RCLs stationed at the military port at Marchwood, near Southampton, and at the British base at Akrotiri, Cyprus.


  • Complement 6
  • Length 33.3m
  • Beam 8.3m
  • Maximum draught (laden) 1.5m
  • Displacement (laden) 290 tonnes
  • Load capacity 96 tonnes (four 20 ft ISO shipping containers) or 65 tonnes (four fully laden 8 tonne vehicles).
  • Propulsion 2 x Dorman 8JTCWM diesel engines
  • Maximum speed (laden) 10 knots


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