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Ramzi Mohammed
Born August 18, 1981(1981-08-18) (age 40)
Place of birth Somalia

A Somali National, Ramzi Mohammed (Arabic language: رمزي محمد‎) (born August 18, 1981) is a convicted bomber in the attempted London bombing of July 21st 2005.

Ramzi is currently serving 40 years for conspiracy to murder on the Oval tube station train. He was arrested sharing an apartment with Muktar Said Ibrahim on 29 July 2005, amid allegations that he was the so-called 'bus bomber'.[1] During the arrest, which reportedly culminated in Ramzi and Ibrahim standing near-naked on their balcony to avoid tear gas that police had used,[2] Ramzi is reported to have repeatedly shouted "I have rights, I have rights!" to the media covering the event.

Later, it was discovered that Ramzi had tried to have the local imam at Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre in North Kensington removed over religious disagreements.[3] Together with his brother Whabi Mohammad, Ramzi used to set up a table with Islamic literature at local football games.[4]

His brother Whabi Mohammad was also arrested in a separate raid outside Notting Hill[5]

In February 2007 he stood trial along with 5 others for his part in the bombings.[6] On the 24th of January, the court released dramatic video of Ramzi Mohammed attempting to detonate his device. The carriage quickly emptied, apart from one man who stayed behind to reason with him, an off-duty fireman named Angus Campbell.[7]

On 9 July 2007 Ramzi Mohammed was found guilty at Woolwich Crown Court of conspiracy to murder and sentenced to Life Imprisonment with a minimum term of Forty Years.[8]

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  • Film-clip used as evidence. ; After an unsuccessful detonation Ramzi Mohammed are in discussion with the fireman Angus Campbell. ESD are pulled and he manages to escape from the people trying to catch him at the Oval station. He was later arrested.
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