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Ravlya Fort
रवळ्या किल्ला
Part of Ajintha Satmal Hill Range
Nashik district, Maharashtra
Type Hill fort
Coordinates Latitude:
Height 4369 Ft.
in ruins
government of India
Open to
the public
Controlled by

Mughal Empire(1636-1670)
 Maratha Empire (1670-1818)
 United Kingdom

  • East India Company (1818-1857)
  • British Raj (1859-1947)
 India (1947-)

Ravalya Fort (Marathi language: रवळ्या किल्ला, Hindi language: रवल्या किला, transliteration: Ravalya Qilа̄)is located 43 km from Nashik, Nashik district, of Maharashtra.the Ravlya fort and Javlya fort are twin forts located on a single hill plateau. Ravlya on the west and the Javlya on the east side of the hill plateau.


The fort was positioned to overlook the trade route from Khandesh to Nashik. The twin forts are also named as "Rola-Jola" forts. In 1636 this fort was won by Alavardikhan for the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. In 1670 this fort was won by Shivaji Maharaj. In 1671 Dilerkhan encircled the fort with Moghul Army but, was defeated. However, MahabatKhan captured this fort. This fort was under the Peshwas for a long time until the British forces captured it in 1818.[1] In 1819 Captain Mackintosh destroyed the steps, bastion and the walls of the fort making the ascent of the fort impracticable.[2]

How to reach[]

There are regular buses from Nashik to Wani. The cole ahead of the base village Babapur can be reached easily by bus. It takes about 5 hours to see both the forts

Places to see[]

There is nothing structure left on the fort except few ruined buildings and few dried up water cisterns.

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Coordinates: 20°22′19.5″N 73°58′14.1″E / 20.372083°N 73.970583°E / 20.372083; 73.970583

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