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During the 623-year existence of the Ottoman Empire, there were many rebellions. Some of these rebellions were in fact interregnum (such as Cem’s rebellion) . Some were national uprisings (such as Greek War of Independence). In the list below only those rebellions confined to Turkey, the heartland of Ottoman Empire are shown. (Most of the rebellions are named after their leader)

Name of rebellion Place Duration
Sheikh Bedrettin Karaburun, Aegean Region 1416
Şahkulu Antalya, Mediterranean Region 1511
Celali series of rebellions; most of Anatolia 1519-1656
Beylerbeyi İstanbul 1589
Abaza Eastern Anatolia - Central Anatolia 1622-1628
Atmeydanı İstanbul 1648
Çınar Incident İstanbul 1656
Edirne Event İstanbul-Edirne 1703
Patrona Halil İstanbul 1730
Kabakçı Mustafa İstanbul 1807-1808
Atçalı Kel Mehmet Aydın, Aegean Region 1829-1830
31 March İstanbul 1909
Savior Officers İstanbul 1912
Babıali raid İstanbul 1913

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