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Red Army man
RA SA A R1Private 1955field
Shoulder strap (1943–1946)
Country Soviet Union
Service branch Red Army
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Non-NATO rank Private
Formation September 1935
Abolished July 1946
Next higher rank
Next lower rank None
Equivalent ranks Red Fleet man

Red Army man (Russian: Красноармеец) was the lowest military rank in the Red Army of the Soviet Union from 1935 to 1946, roughly equivalent to NATO OR-1. Before 1935, it also referred to the position held by Red Army enlisted personnel.[1]

On 30 November 1917, after the October Revolution, the Military Revolutionary Committee cancelled all "officer and class ranks" in keeping with the egalitarian spirit of the revolution. Henceforth, the term Red Army man was used to refer to all ordinary soldiers.[2]

In September 1935, the Red Army introduced a system of personal military ranks, in which Red Army man was the lowest rank. It was replaced by the rank of Ryadovoy in July 1946.[1]

Its naval equivalent was Red Fleet man.[1][3]

Additional insigniaEdit

RA I K0 1924v1 RA A-cav R1RA-Sol col 1943 1935-i-pg01v RA A R1RA-Sol col 1943 Красноармеец ВВС до 1943г RA-SA A-inf R1Private 1955
Infantry collar insignia


Cavalry collar insignia


Infantry collar insignia


Infantry collar insignia


Air Force collar insignia


Infantry shoulder board




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