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Red Castle Museum
also known as:
 • Assaraya Alhamra Museum
(Arabic language:متحف السرايا الحمراء‎)
 • Archaeological Museum of Tripoli
Established 1919
Location Tripoli, Libya
Type National museum
Tripoli - Eingang zum Nationalmuseum

The Red Castle and entrance to national Red Castle Museum

The Red Castle Museum or Assaraya Alhamra Museum (Arabic language:متحف السرايا الحمراء‎), or Archaeological Museum of Tripoli, is Libya's national museum. It is located in the historic building known as the "Red Castle" or "Red Saraya".

Designed in conjunction with UNESCO, the museum covers 5,000 years from prehistory to the independence revolution (1953) era.[1] It is located in Tripoli's Assaria al-Hamra or Red Castle fortress, on the promontory above and adjacent to the old-town district with medina Ghadema. The museum has an entrance on historic As-Saha al-Kradrah, the Martyrs' Square.[2]


The museum was established in 1919, when the colonial Italians in Libya converted a section of the castle to a museum to house many of the archaeological artifacts scattered across the country since prehistoric times. The square around the castle was designed in the thirties by architect Florestano Di Fausto. When the British occupied Libya during World War II, the museum occupied the entire complex of the castle and in 1948 was renamed The Libyan Museum. The museum reopened to the public in 1988, renamed the Assaraya Alhamra Museum–Red Castle Museum, with "state-of-the-art" facilities.[2]


The museum was designed with different wings and floors for the exhibition of the distinct collections.[1][2]


Tripoli Castle & Teatro Miramare

The Red Castle on the bay before harbor landfill, circa 1940s, with Miramare Theater (left) and Italy Square (Martyrs' Square) (center-palms).

Tripoli's Independence Square in 1950's

Aerial view, circa 1950's, of the Red Castle, with Independence Square (Martyrs' Square), the Royal Miramare Theater (lower left), and old shoreline.

Tripoli castle2

The Red Castle, a view of the northeastern side with the Martyrs' Square museum entrance.

Red Castle Museum Tripoli, LIbya

Inside the museum

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