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Regiment Christiaan Beyers
Country  South Africa
Branch South African Army
Type Infantry Regiment
Motto(s) Ons Diens
(Our Service)
Battle honours East Africa
Sidi Rezegh
Battle of Alamein
El Alamein Defence
Western Desert
Lt Col Takalani Mphohoni

Regiment Christiaan Beyers is an infantry regiment of the South African Army. As a reserve unit, it has a status roughly equivalent to that of a British Territorial Army or United States Army National Guard unit. The Regiment was named after General Christian Frederick Beyers, a Boer general during the Second Boer War. The regiment is based at Karee Base, Polokwane.


The regiment formed in 1939 as a second battalion of Regiment Botha.[1] Regiment Botha was formed a few years earlier in 1934. Known as Second Botha Regiment or the Second Bothas, it underwent a number of name changes during WWII.[1] In 1942 it was called Regiment Botha and in 1943 it was joined to Regiment President Steyn.[1] By 1946 it was called 59 Reserve Motor Service Company. In 1947 its name became 2 Regiment Botha.[1] Finally in 1951 it became Regiment Christiaan Beyers.[1]

During the Second World War, the regiment was part of the Fifth Brigade and took part in the East African campaign and then later in the western deserts of Egypt and Libya.[1] During the South African Border War, 1966-1989, this citizen force regiment was regularly deployed for duties in the republic as well as SWA.[1] After 1989, the unit has taken part in peacekeeping duties in Southern Sudan and posted to duties on the Swaziland border.[1]

On the 29 November 2013, the regiment received the freedom of the city Polokwane. Regiment paraded through the city before having the scroll presented by the Mayor Freddy Greaver to the officer in command Lt Colonel Takalani Mphohoni. [2][3]

Regimental symbols

Unit colours

The unit has three sets of colours:[1]

  • the first is preserved by the MOTH in Pietersburg,
  • second unit colours were presented by General Rudolph Hiemstra in 1970,
  • a third national colour was presented by General Kat Liebenberg in 1989.

Battle honours

East Africa
Sidi Rezegh
Battle of Alamein
El Alamein Defence
Western Desert


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