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Regiment de Wet
[[File:SADF Regiment de Wet emblem|240x240px|frameless}}|Regiment de Wet emblem|alt=]]
Regiment de Wet emblem
Country South Africa
  • Allied forces
  • Flag of South Africa (1928–1994).svg South Africa
Size Battalion
Part of
Garrison/HQ Kroonstad
Motto(s) ”Trouheid hou die wag” (Loyalty will protect us)
Battle honours

Regiment de Wet was an infantry battalion of the South African Army. As a reserve force unit, it had a status roughly equivalent to that of a British Army Reserve or United States Army National Guard unit.


Regiment de Wet was one of six Afrikaans-speaking Citizen Force regiments established as part of the expansion of the then Union Defence Force of South Africa. The regiment was named after the Orange Free State Boer War commandant, Christiaan de Wet. The regiment’s headquarters was located in Kroonstad, a large town in the Orange Free State and a vital railway junction which gave some strategic importance.[1] Recruits were enlisted from the entire Orange Free State province. The Regiment was used to reinforce the ranks or Regiment President Steyn during World War two, both of which were infantry units at the time.

Disbandment and incorporationEdit

Regiment President Steyn was converted to an armored car regiment and in 1975 to a tank regiment but Regiment de Wet remained infantry. Regiment de Wet was finally absorbed into Regiment Bloemspruit around April 1997.[2]

Battle honoursEdit

The unit also served in numerous deployments in the Border War in SWA/Namibia

Freedom of the CityEdit

Freedom of Kroonstad


Regimental emblemsEdit

Dress InsigniaEdit


Roll of HonourEdit


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