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Regiment Vaalrivier is an artillery regiment of the South African Army.

Regiment Vaalrivier
SANDF Regiment Vaalrivier emblem
Active 1 January 1960 -
Country  South Africa
  •  Republic of South Africa
  •  Republic of South Africa
Type Reserve Artillery
Part of
Garrison/HQ Vereeniging
Collar Badge Bursting grenade with seven flames
Beret Colour Oxford Blue
Battery emblems SANDF anti aircraft company emblems
Beret bar circa 1992 SANDF Anti Aircraft beret bar

History[edit | edit source]

Regiment Vaalrivier was established on 1 January 1960 as one of the Afrikaans medium anti-aircraft units. The unit was headquartered at Vereeniging. By the beginning of 1975, it had become a three battery 35mm unit of 12 guns per battery. Regiment Vaalrivier provided air defence in the Border War from 1976 to 1980. From 1983 and 1984 the Regiment was involved in cross-border operations.

Leadership[edit | edit source]

Regimental Symbols[edit | edit source]

Battle honours[edit | edit source]

Freedom of the City[edit | edit source]

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