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Rheinmetall YAK
Place of origin Germany
Service history
Used by Germany and Switzerland
Production history
Designer Bucher-Guyer AG
Designed 2006
Manufacturer MOWAG/Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH (RMMV)
Weight 12900 kg (combat)[1]
Length 6.715 m[1]
 length 3.53 m + 1.15 m (wheelbase)[1]
Width 2.42 m[1]
Height 2.92 m [1]
Crew 2 + 12

Rheinmetall MG3 or HK GMG
Engine Cummins ISBe 5.9L diesel
184 kW (250 hp)
Payload capacity 5500 kg[1]
Transmission Allison 2500SP
Suspension De Dion
Ground clearance 0.4 m
Fuel capacity 220 liters
Speed 100 km/h

The YAK is an armoured and mine-protected transport vehicle produced by the German company Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV). The Yak is based on the latest generation Swiss General Dynamics European Land Systems MOWAG DURO III 6x6 chassis that is a further development of the earlier DURO chassis.[1] DURO stands for DUrable and RObust.[2]

The German Army uses the YAK for a variety of roles.

The first batch of DURO III vehicles for Germany consisted of 30 vehicles, these consisting of ambulance (12), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) (10), military police (four) and support vehicles for the LUNA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (four). Final deliveries were made late in 2005. Another 100 vehicles were ordered with deliveries between 2006 and 2009. The actual contract covered the supply of 100 Yak chassis and a total of 114 bodies in the following configurations: 31 × mobile medical team; 8 × prisoner transport; 6 × water cannon; 23 × command post for military police; 23 × air base security; 2 × military geography; 21 × explosive ordnance disposal. Late in 2007 an order was placed by the German Army for another batch of seven Yak vehicles, six additional LUNA ground stations and a BIO reconnaissance vehicle.[1][2]

In 2008 RMMV delivered three armoured NBC field laboratories to the Swiss Army which are similar to the Yak.[2]

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