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Rodrigo Orgóñez (1490 – April 26, 1538) was Spanish captain under Diego de Almagro. He proved his loyalty serving as a soldier for 5 years before he was made second in command to conquer and govern the southern portion of the Incan Empire. He helped Almagro in his 1537 coup d'état in Cusco leading the group that surrounded the Amaru Cancha Palace capturing Hernando Pizarro and Gonzalo Pizarro. He later led an army against the Pizzaros but was defeated 1538. He was executed by Hernando Pizarro outside of Cuzco, moving American historian William H. Prescott to write: "Thus perished as loyal a cavalier, as decided in council, and as bold in action, as ever crossed to the shores of America."[1]

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  1. Prescott, p. 1053.

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