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Rostov–Novocherkassk Operation
Part of the Southern Front of the Russian Civil War
Донского Войска Область 1900.svg
Don Area
DateJanuary 6–10, 1920
LocationDon Host Oblast, Southern Russia
Result Red Army victory. White Army cut in two. Beginning of the North Caucasus and Odessa operations.
Russia Armed Forces of South Russia Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Russian SFSR
Commanders and leaders
Don Republic Konstantin Mamontov
Russia Ivan Barbovitch
Russia Sergei Toporkov
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Grigori Sokolnikov
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Mikhail Levandovsky
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Semyon Budyonny
Units involved

Don White Army.svg Don Army

  • 3rd Don Cavalry Corps
  • 4th Don Cavalry Corps

Russia Volunteer Army

  • Consolidated Cavalry Corps
  • Volunteer infantry corps

Southern Front

The Rostov-Novocherkassk operation (January 6–10, 1920) was an offensive operation on the Don River of the Southern and the South-Eastern Front the Red Army against the White Guard troops during the Russian Civil War.

The operation[]

In December 1919, the Red Army had conducted the successful Donbass Operation (1919) in which the Donets River had bee crossed and the Donbass conquered. In the night of January 6 to 7, 1920, Red troops captured Taganrog on the Sea of Azov, effectively cutting the White Army into two.

On January 7, troops of the 9th Red Army also captured Novocherkassk, the capital of the Don Cossacks. This forced Konstantin Mamontov's 4th Don Cavalry Corps, in defiance of Denikin's order, to retreat behind the Don. On the night of January 8–9, troops of the 8th and 1st Cavalry armies began street fighting in Rostov-on-Don, and on January 10 completely captured it.

The Rostov–Novocherkassk Operation was followed by the North Caucasus and Odessa operations.

On January 16, the Supreme War Council of the Entente decided to lift the economic blockade against the RSFSR.


  • This is a translation of an article in the Russian Wikipedia, Ростово-Новочеркасская операция.

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