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Royal Lancers
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
Service history
Active TBA
Role Formation Reconnaissance
Size One regiment
Part of Royal Armoured Corps

The Royal Lancers is a planned cavalry regiment of the British Army. The regiment will be formed through the amalgamation of The Queen's Royal Lancers and 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's), starting some time before 2015.[1]

Operational roleEdit

The regiment will be a formation reconnaissance regiment,[2] equipped on its establishment with the CVR(T) family. This will replaced by the Scout Specialist Vehicle from 2015.[3] It will consist of 3 Sabre Squadrons of 18 vehicles each (at least) and one Command and Support Squadron.[4]

Army 2020Edit

The Royal Lancers will form part of the Royal Armoured Corps.[5] It will be based in Catterick as part of the 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade, one of the three Armoured Infantry Brigades of the 3rd Division.[6] Their amalgamation was announced in July 2012, and will begin upon completion of scheduled operational commitments, but not before October 2014.[7][8]

Recruiting Areas Edit

  • From Prince of Wales' Own Royal Lancers
    • Derbyshire
    • Leicestershire
    • Northamptonshire
    • Greater London
  • From the Queen's Royal Lancers
    • Staffordshire
    • West Midlands
    • Nottinghamshire
    • Lincolnshire
    • South Humberside

Order of precedenceEdit

The new regiment will retain order of precedence from the more senior regiment, the 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's).

Preceded by
The Queen's Royal Hussars
(The Queen's Own and Royal Irish)
Cavalry Order of Precedence Succeeded by
The King's Royal Hussars


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