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Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service
RMAS Naval Ensign
Active 1976 - 2008
Disbanded 31 March 2008 (service replaced by Serco Denholm)
Country United Kingdom
Type Navy
Size 89 ships
over 200 ships in 1985[1]
Part of Ministry of Defence, Royal Navy

The Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service (RMAS) was a British Government agency which ran a variety of non-combat support vessels for the Royal Navy.

Organisation[edit | edit source]

The RMAS merged with the former Port Auxiliary Service in 1976 to form a component of the Naval Service that is known as Marine Services. Marine Services exists to support the Royal Navy. Marine Services was put out to commercial tender by the Ministry of Defence Warship Support Agency (now absorbed into the Defence Equipment and Support organisation) and since 1996[2] tugs, lifting craft, various tenders and management of HMNB Devonport, Portsmouth and Clyde have been operated by Serco Denholm. Serco were preferred bidders[3] for the next contract, and the RMAS was disbanded on 31 March 2008.[4]

Vessels[edit | edit source]

RMAS vessels carried the ship prefix RMAS and auxiliary (A) or yard (Y) pennant numbers. They can be recognised by their black hulls with white beading and buff-coloured upperworks.

Research vessels[edit | edit source]

Cablelayer / Research vessel[edit | edit source]

Acoustic research / Diving support vessel[edit | edit source]

Colonel Templer passing Greenock on the Firth of Clyde.

Ammunition transport[edit | edit source]

RMAS Arrochar

Lifting ships[edit | edit source]

Sal-class[edit | edit source]

Salmoor passing Gourock on the Firth of Clyde.

Moor-class[edit | edit source]

Torpedo retrievers[edit | edit source]

Tornado-class[edit | edit source]

Torrent-class[edit | edit source]

Tugs[edit | edit source]

Impulse-class submarine berthing tugs (2)[edit | edit source]

Adept-class tractor tug (9)[edit | edit source]

Tenders[edit | edit source]

Moorings / Range tender[edit | edit source]

Fast Fleet tender/VIP carrier[edit | edit source]


Adamant at the launch of HMS Daring at BAE Systems Naval Ships, Scotstoun February 1, 2006

79 ft (24.1 m) Fleet Tenders[edit | edit source]

Aberdovey Class (14)[edit | edit source]
Clovelly Class (32)[edit | edit source]
Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service
RMAS Fleet Tender Dornoch.jpg
RMAS Dornoch at Lowestoft, England, in 2004
Class overview
Name: Clovelly Class Fleet Tender
Builders: Plimbott (4), Holmes (3)
Lewis (4), Dunston (16)
Cook (4)
Operators: Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service, Royal Navy
Built: 1971-1981
In commission: 1971-2008
Completed: 31
Retired: 31
General characteristics
Type: Fleet Tender
Displacement: 175 long tons (178 t) loaded
140 long tons (140 t) light
Length: 79 ft (24 m)
Beam: 21 ft (6.4 m)
Height: 36 ft (11 m) mast up
22 ft (6.7 m) mast down
Draught: 7.25 ft (2.21 m) loaded
6.2 ft (1.9 m) light
Depth of hold: 10 ft (3.0 m)
Speed: 10.5 knots
Range: 1,700 nm @ 8 knots
Troops: 120
Crew: 7
Notes: [5]

Harlech at Exeter, England, in 2004

Lamlash passing HMS Warrior at Portsmouth April 30, 2000

Dive Tenders (5)[edit | edit source]

Ilchester at Wick, Scotland, in 2004, on her way from Rosyth to Holyhead during the closure of the Caledonian Canal

Loyal Class (9)[edit | edit source]

Loyal Watcher off the south coast of England in 2000

Manly Class (4)[edit | edit source]

Milbrook at Almerimar, Spain, in 2000

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Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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