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Royal Swedish Air Force War College[1] (Swedish language: Flygkrigshögskolan , FKHS) was established in 1939 and located in Stockholm. It was under the command of the Chief of the Swedish Air Force. The Air Force War College was incorporated into the Military Academy Karlberg in 1961.

From the start, one-year higher courses in staff service or technical staff service were given and as well from 1942 a six month long general course. The latter course was mandatory for all officers in the air force (except for commissary staff) and the higher courses gave theoretical eligibility for higher positions.

The Flygkrigshögskolan should not be confused with the Flygvapnets krigshögskola (F 20), from 1982 the name of the Flygkadettskolan at Krigsflygskolan (F 5) which was established in 1942, which in 1944 moved to Uppsala, and later became the Flygvapnets Uppsalaskolor (F 20).

Commanders[edit | edit source]

Commanders of FKHS:[2]

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Print[edit | edit source]

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Further reading[edit | edit source]

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