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SA Army Troop Information Unit
SADF SA Army Troop Information Unit Flash
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SA Army Troop Information Unit emblem
Country South Africa
  • Flag of South Africa (1928–1994).svg Republic of South Africa
Role Communications for Operations
Part of South African Intelligence Corps
Army Conventional Reserve
Garrison/HQ Johannesburg

SA Army Troop Information Unit was a COMOPS[lower-alpha 1] unit, utilizing conscripts who had completed university or worked in a professional capacity as cameramen, freelance journalists, photographers, public relations officers and journalists from practically every newspaper in South Africa. The unit drew upon these specialist skills and professions providing staff to the State run broadcasting service, the South African Broadcasting Corporation. The personnel undertook their two year military service within this nonmilitary institution as a media centre where a paper war was being played out.[1]


  1. Communications Operations also known as PSYOPS


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