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SS Hjejlen
Hjejlen in Silkeborg, 2005
Name: Hjejlen
Owner: Hjejleselskabet
Route: SilkeborgHimmelbjerget
Builder: Baumgarten & Burmeister
Completed: 1861
Maiden voyage: 11 June 1861
In service: 24 June 1861
Status: Active
General characteristics
Class & type: Paddle steamer
Length: 25.7 m (84 ft)
Beam: 3.8 m (12 ft)
Draft: 1.7 m (5.6 ft)
Speed: 8 knot
Capacity: 165
Crew: 4

SS Hjejlen (Danish for The Golden Plover) is one of the worlds oldest operative paddle steamer,[1] built in 1861 by Baumgarten & Burmeister, commissioned by a group of citizens headed by paper manufacturer Michael Drewsen.[2] She is used to carry tourists between Silkeborg and Himmelbjerget, but in 1932 she also became a public mail boat.[3]


Hjejlen's engine has two cylinders with a diameter of 10 cm (3.9 in) and a stroke length of 42 cm (17 in) each. The engine yields 40 hp and goes up to 8 kn.[4]

Hjejlen's 150'th anniversaryEdit

File:Danish commemorative coin 20kr Hjejlen paddle steamer.jpg

In 2011 Hjejlen celebrated her 150'th anniversary with Queen Margrethe II in attendance.[5] A commemorative coin was issued by the National Bank of Denmark.[6]


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