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Sack of Baturyn
Part of Great Northern War (Mazepa Affair)
Reconstruction of the Baturyn Citadel
DateNovember 1–2, 1708
LocationBaturyn, Cossack Hetmanate
Result Sack of the city by the Russian forces and extermination of its population
Hetmanate Cossack Hetmanate Russia Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Colonel Chechel Prince Menshikov
~8,000 ~25,000

Sack of Baturyn (Ukrainian language: Здобуття Батурина , Russian: Взятие Батурина) (November 1–2, 1708), sometimes also referred to as the Slaughtering in Baturyn, was a part of series of punishing raids conducted by the Russian Imperial Army against Mazepa and Cossack state. On November 2, 1708 upon the sack of Baturyn its entire civil population was exterminated (~7,000 according to Serhiy Pavlenko), while the "Hetman Residence" was completely obliterated.

Battle events[edit | edit source]

Before the storm of Baturyn Menshikov had at his disposal some 20 Dragoon Regiments of some 15 to 20 thousands dragoons.[1] Baturyn at that time was a heavily fortified city reinforced with a high number of artillery.[2] Considering that Menshikov decided to use his diplomatic skills to convince the defenders to surrender and sent down Andrei Markovich with his message. The Baturyn defenders refused and opened fire onto the Menshikov's positions.[3]

The appointed colonel Ivan Nis of Pryluky Regiment and an interpreter Stefan Zertis were arrested by Serdyuk Guards as saboteurs and attached to artillery guns. Trying to save himself from being executed for desertion Nis was able to sent to Menshikov one of his officers, Solomakha, who pointed to a secret entrance to the fortress.[4] The next morning on November 2 at six o'clock the Russian forces penetrated into the city and, after some two hour of resistance from cossacks, were victorious. According to the official Ukrainian version, after being left completely defenceless the whole civil population of the city was tortured to death.[5]

Losses: Ukrainians, 15 thousand including civilians. Russians, 3 thousand soldiers.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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Bibliography[edit | edit source]

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