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Salibi al-Zahir
Multazem of Tiberias

In office
1750s – 1773
Preceded by Zahir al-Umar
Succeeded by Ahmad al-Zahir
Personal details
Died 1773
Nile Delta, Egypt Eyalet, Ottoman Empire
Relations Zaydani family
Parents Zahir al-Umar
Religion Sunni Islam

Salibi al-Zahir (given name also spelled Sulaybi or Celebi) (died 1773) was the multazem (tax farmer) of Tiberias in the mid-18th century, during the Ottoman era. He was appointed to the post by his father, Zahir al-Umar, who ruled an autonomous entity in northern Palestine.[1] He was Zahir's eldest son and generally known to be his most loyal son. However, he did join his brothers Uthman, Ahmad and Sa'id in a rebellion against their father, in which they were defeated.[2] Salibi led a contingent of Zahir's troops to support Ali Bey al-Kabir regain control of Egypt from Abu al-Dhahab. However, Salibi and Ali Bey's troops were decisively defeated and Salibi was killed in battle.[3] Zahir was distressed by the death of his son and upon hearing the news, he collapsed to the ground and exclaimed "From this day I am undone".[4] He was succeeded by Ahmad al-Zahir as multazem of Tiberias.[5]


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Preceded by
Zahir al-Umar
Multazem of Tiberias
Succeeded by
Ahmad al-Zahir

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