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Braverman with other Jewish Paratroopers; from right to left, top row: Reuven Dafni, Zadok Doron, Abba Berdichev. Bottom row: Braverman, Arieh Fichman, Haviva Reik

Sara Braverman (1918 – 10 February 2013) was a member of the Jewish Parachutists of Mandate Palestine, one of the first female fighters to serve in the Palmach, and a founding member of the IDF Women's Corps.[1]

Braverman was born in 1918 in Botoșani, Romania, but grew up in Mandatory Palestine. Braverman was one of 37 Palestinian Jewish parachutists sent by the Jewish Agency and Britain's Special Operations Executive (SOE) on military missions in Nazi-occupied Europe.[2][3] She was honored with lighting a torch on Israel’s 62nd independence day in 2010, for her bravery in helping Jews during World War II.[4]

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