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Schützenpanzer SPz 11-2 Kurz
Bundeswehrmuseum Dresden 60
Two Schützenpanzer Kurz vehicles at Bundeswehrmuseum Dresden.
Type Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
Place of origin France and West Germany
Weight 8,200 kg (18,100 lb)
Length 4.51 m
Width 2.28 m
Height 1.97 m
Crew 5

Armor 15 mm at 62° of chrome-nickel-molybdenum
1 x 20 mm Hispano-Suiza 820/L85 Cannon
3 x Smoke grenade launchers
Engine 1 x Hotchkiss et Cie 6-cylinder petrol engine
164 hp (122 kW)
Suspension torsion bar
390 km (244 miles)
Speed 58 km/h

The Schützenpanzer SPz 11-2 Kurz armored reconnaissance vehicle was developed for the West German army and was a minor modification of a French designed vehicle (Hotchkiss SP1A).[1] During the period between 1958 to 1962, the West German army received some 2,374 of these light armoured vehicles with the SPz 11-2 Kurz being developed as the reconnaissance version. The SPz 11-2 served in cannon platoons of armored infantry battalions until 1974 and remained in service as a reconnaissance vehicle until 1982.[2] The SPz 11-2 was replaced in the reconnaissance role by the Spähpanzer Luchs. The SPz 11-2 saw service with the West Germany army only.


The only armament for the SPz 11-2 was the 20 mm Hispano-Suiza 820/L35 cannon. The cannon has a 15x15 periscopic sight. 500 rounds of 20 mm ammunition were carried. Three smoke grenade launchers are provided for tactical and emergency concealment.


  • Sanitätspanzer kurz 2-2 - Medevac vehicle.
  • Beobachtungspanzer 22-2 - Forward Observer vehicle.
  • Mörserträger 51-2 - 81 mm mortar carrier.
  • Radarpanzer 91-2 - Vehicle equipped with AN/TPS-33 radar.
  • Nachschubpanzer 42-1 - Supply vehicle with four road wheels, originally the Hotchkiss CC-2-55 design. Used from 1958 until 1962.
  • Spähpanzer SC I.C. - Light tank armed with a 75 mm gun


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