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Schmidt M1882


Type Service revolver
Place of origin   Switzerland
Service history
In service 1882-1949
Used by Swiss Army
Production history
Designer Rudolph Schmidt
Manufacturer Waffenfabrik Bern
Produced 1882-1929
Variants Model 1929
Weight 0.8 kg
Length 235 mm
Barrel length 114 mm

Cartridge 7.5mm 1882 Ordnance
Caliber 7.5 mm
Action Double Action Revolver
Muzzle velocity 690 ft/s (210 m/s)
Feed system Six round cylinder
Sights Bead front sight, U-notch rear sight

The Schmidt M1882 also referred to by the name Model 1929, is a revolver fabricated in Switzerland by the Waffenfabrik Bern and used as an ordnance arm by the Swiss Army. It was designed by Colonel Rudolph Schmidt The revolver was designed to use the 7.5 milimiter round. The 1882 was a simple and effective design. Model 1882 with serial numbers under 20,000 were fitted with plastic grips. Model with serial numbers over 20,000 had wood grips. Some were made by SIG.


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The Model 1929[edit | edit source]

Model 1929
Weight 0.8 kg
Length 228 mm
Barrel length 160 mm

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