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School of Armour
School of Armour Insignia.jpg
Country Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa
Branch Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa Army
Type Training Regiment
Garrison/HQ Tempe, Bloemfontein
Motto(s) Scientia vires est
Colors unit: blue and orange beret: black
Mascot(s) mother tank of WW1 era
Equipment Olifant Mk.2 main battle tank
Beret badge Mother tank badge
Beret Colour Black
Armour Squadron emblems SANDF Armour squadron emblems
Armour beret bar circa 1992 SANDF Armour beret bar

Stationed at Tempe, Bloemfontein and is the Corps School of the SA Armoured Corps.


The Artillery and Armour School, at Potchefstroom was established on the 1st February 1964, forming two separate schools on the same site. The School of Armour was then subsequently re-sited to Bloemfontein on the 1st April 1966, co-locating with the then 2nd Armoured Car Regiment at Tempe.[1]

Whist primarily a Training unit of varying number of squadrons and roles, it also maintained an operational capability in the form of a Tank Wing. From this wing, the school deployed a tank Squadron to operations in Angola in late 1987.[2] The first operational use of Oliphant tanks was carried out by the School in Namibia acting as a defensive option against possible Cuban/MPLA offensives into that country. The first actual engagements was in Operation Modular, with Echo Squadron. Fox Squadron later became operational as well with Operation Hooper.


The School of Armour trains regular and reserve tank crews, drivers and maintenance instructors for the SANDF, SAAC leader group and conducts research and development.


Tank VariantsEdit

SANDF Olifant Tank Variants

Armoured Car VariantsEdit

Rooikat Armoured Car 105mm


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