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204st Schutzmannschafts Battalion
Active Spring 1943 – July 1944
Country  Nazi Germany
Branch SD
Type battalion
Size 500 – 800 (July 1943)

The 204th Schutzmannschafts Battalion was a police guard unit composed from the ethnic Ukrainians personnel drafted at the Lemberg area of the Distrikt Galizien at January – February 1943. Members of the unit committed atrocities against Jews and Communist party members during early German occupation[1] The unit provided guards for concentration camp Pustków.[2] In July 1943 it was reinforced to 800 strength by the volunteers signed for the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Ukrainian). In late July 1944 battalion personnel was transferred into reserve regiment of the 14 SS Freiwilligen Division "Galizien”.[3]

Activity[edit | edit source]

The Pustkow Concentration Camps was created to support the production and the tests of the German V-1 and V-2 missiles – so due the secrecy there no clear information about specific unit activities.[citation needed]

References[edit | edit source]

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