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GI Chapel WWII Destroyers

The Scrap Iron Flotilla in the top row of a stained glass window honouring Australian destroyers of World War II, in Garden Island Naval Chapel, Sydney

The Scrap Iron Flotilla was an Australian destroyer group that operated in the Mediterranean and Pacific during World War II. The name scrap iron flotilla was bestowed upon the group by Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.[1]

The flotilla consisted of five Royal Australian Navy (RAN) destroyers. The five ships of the flotilla had been Royal Navy ships that had been built and served during the First World War and transferred to the RAN in the 1930s.

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"Scrap Iron Flotilla" marchEdit

The flotilla has been commemorated in a 2010 march, Scrap Iron Flotilla, composed by Leading Seaman Martyn Hancock of the Royal Australian Navy Band. It is available via the Royal Australian Navy's RANMedia YouTube channel, along with notes on the composition, in a posting entitled Scrap Iron Flotilla Theme from 29 March 2010. The introduction to the march is described as "in the style of the opening theme music to the BBC television series Warship".


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