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Seamus Grew on an unknown date

Seamus Grew (1951 or 1952 – 12 December 1982) was a volunteer in the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) who, along with Roddy Carroll was killed in controversial circumstances by police officers from the Special Support Unit of the RUC. It is alleged that this was part of an attempt to kill the INLA Chief of Staff Dominic McGlinchey.[1] Roddy Carroll also died in the incident. Their deaths were subsequently investigated by John Stalker as part of his investigation into the Shoot-to-kill policy in Northern Ireland.

Grew was born a Catholic in Armagh sometime in 1951 or 1952. He was described as being from a well known republican family and resided in the Mullaghacreevie Park area of the city. His brother Desmond was killed by the SAS in 1980.[2]

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