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Sean "Maxie" McIlvenná (born Belfast, Northern Ireland, 4 April 1951 – 17 December 1984 in County Armagh, Northern Ireland) was a volunteer in the 2nd Battalion, North Armagh Brigade of the Provisional Irish Republican Army.[1][2][3]

Background[edit | edit source]

McIlvenná was born in the Docks area of Belfast and grew up in Fortwilliam Park before settling on the Antrim Road. In 1970, he married his childhood sweetheart, Patricia "Pat" Burns, he met at a local youth club. The couple moved to the Dundalk area of County Louth and together had seven children: Cathy, Sinead, Ciara, Sarah, Patricia, Fiona and Sean Óg.[4][5] He was a Gaelic football enthusiast.

Attack at Blackwatertown[edit | edit source]

McIlvenna, (33) was an active PIRA member and was killed during a gun battle with members of the RUC on 17 December 1984 near Blackwatertown, County Armagh. McIlvenna had undertaken a landmine attack on a UDR patrol vehicle. As he and other members of his unit retreated from the scene across a field they were spotted by an RUC unit who opened fire on them killing McIlvenna.[6][7]

Memorials[edit | edit source]

Vol. Sean Mcilvenná Republican Flute Band in Glasgow, Scotland has been named in honour of McIlvenna as was Sean McIlvenna Celtic Supporters Club in Dundalk.[8]

References[edit | edit source]

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