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Service Children's Education (SCE) is an organisation of the United Kingdom government responsible for the education of the children of service families and Ministry of Defence (MoD) personnel serving outside of the United Kingdom. They provide schools and educational support services from Foundation Stage through to sixth form. They are headquartered at Trenchard Lines, Upavon, Wiltshire.[1]

It was previously an executive agency of the MoD, but this status was removed on 31 March 2013 following the reduction of service personnel based abroad. However, it continues to operate under the SCE name as part of the MoD.


Education for children of military personnel was previously the responsibility of the British Families Education Service (BFES) and the War Office.[2] Historically a schoolmistress (Queen's Army Schoolmistresses) was specially trained and employed to teach these children until the post was abolished in favour of schools which were operated more like mainstream schools back in the UK.


Headquarters and offices[]

SCE are headquartered at Trenchard Lines, Upavon, Wiltshire.[1] The business support office are co-located with that of the Children’s Education and Advisory Service since August 2012.[3]

SCE was headquartered in the Wegberg Military Complex in Wegberg, Germany,[4][5] until 2012.[citation needed] It briefly moved to JHQ Rheindahlen,[3] until that base closed, too, in 2013.[citation needed]

In addition SCE have offices in Bielefeld, Germany and Episkopi Cantonment, Cyprus.[6]


Schools follow the English National Curriculum, administer national assessments and public examinations, and are inspected by Her Majesty's Inspectorate, via Ofsted. Teachers have recognised UK professional qualifications and the majority are recruited specially from the United Kingdom through the Civil Service.


The agency operates primary and secondary schools in Germany and Cyprus and also provides educational facilities in territories such as the Falklands and Gibraltar where there is a significant British military presence. The schools are typically grouped by garrison (including its outlying bases).


  • Gloucester School, Hohne
  • Prince Rupert School, Rinteln
  • King's School, Gütersloh
  • John Buchan School, Sennelager
  • Derby School, Osnabruck
  • Marlborough School, Osnabruck
  • Bielefeld School, Bielefeld
  • Bishopspark First School, Paderborn
  • Haig School, Gütersloh
  • Heide School, Fallingbostel
  • Lister Primary School, Herford
  • Montgomery School, Hohne
  • Oxford Primary School, Münster
  • Robert Browning School, Paderborn
  • Shackleton School, Fallingbostel
  • Sir John Mogg Primary School, Detmold
  • Slim School, Bergen
  • St David's Primary School, Ramstein
  • Weser School, Hameln
  • William Wordsworth First School, Sennelager
  • Krefeld Primary School, 11 Tulpen Straβe, Krefeld (now Franz-Stollwerck-Schule)



  • King Richard School, Dhekelia
  • St. John's School, Episkopi



  • BFS Naples, Italy
  • Hornbill School, Brunei
  • Mount Pleasant School, RAF Mount Pleasant, Falklands
  • SHAPE International School (British section), Belgium[9]
  • St. Christopher's Middle School, Gibraltar


Former Schools[]


Secondary schools[]
  • Kent School, Hostert (boarding school)
  • Windsor Boy's School, Hamm (boarding school)
  • Windsor Girl's School, Hamm (boarding school)
  • Windsor School, formerly Queen's School, Rheindahlen (Closed, 19 July 2013)
Primary schools[]
  • Charlottenburg First School (now the site of Berlin British School)
  • Mountbatten Primary School, Germany

Ark Primary School, Germany - JHQ Rheindahlen Hampshire primary school, Germany

Hong Kong[]

  • St George's School (closed 1996)


Secondary schools[]
  • Alexander Grammar School, later merged into Bourne School. (now the site of ISS International School Preston campus)
  • Gillman Secondary Modern School, later merged into Bourne School.
  • St John's School, (now the site of United World College of South East Asia Dover campus)
Primary schools[]
  • Alexandra Junior School
  • Changi Junior School
  • Pasir Panjang Junior School
  • Seletar Junior School
  • Tengah Junior School
Infants schools[]
  • Tanglin Infants School

Alexandra Infant School

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