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A Service award was awarded by a country to a soldier or civilian for long service. It is comparable to a service medal but can be awarded to civilians as well as soldiers.


Kingdom of Bavaria[]

  • Königliches Ludwigsorden for 50 years' service
  • Service Award Cross, first and second class for 40 or 24 years' service - officers, doctors and officials received the cross of both classes, but teams were also awarded first class

Third Reich[]

The NSDAP awarded the NSDAP-Dienstauszeichnung for 25 (Gold), 15 (Silver) and 10 (Bronze) years' service, whilst the SS awarded a separate SS-Dienstauszeichnung.

The Wehrmacht awarded the 4-class Dienstauszeichnung for 4 (silver medal); 12 (gold medal); 18 (silver cross) and 25 (gold cross) years' service, with oak leaves on the first class for 40 years.

Similarly there was a Loyal Service Medal for active members of the German police or "an administrator" in the police service known as the Polizei Dienstauszeichnung. In addition there was a Service Award for Public Work.

Austrian Empire[]

From 1849 it awarded a cross made out of cannon-metal for military service.


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