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Short Mark 7 torpedo
Dummy Mark 7 Type D torpedo being dropped from a Curtis R-6L, ca 1919.jpg
Dummy Mark 7 Type D torpedo being dropped from a Curtis R-6L ca. 1919
Type Torpedo
Place of origin United States
Service history
Used by  United States Navy
Production history
Designer Washington Navy Yard[1]
Designed 1917[1]
Weight 1036 pounds[1]
Length 144 inches[1]
Diameter 17.7 inches (45 centimeters)[1]

Effective range 2000 yards[1]
Warhead weight 281 pounds[1]
Mk 3 contact exploder[1]

Engine Turbine[1]
Speed 35 knots

The Short Mark 7 torpedo was a variant of the Bliss-Leavitt Mark 7 torpedo developed by the Washington Navy Yard in order to fit certain submarine torpedo tubes in 1917. The Short Mark 7, also designated Torpedo Type D,[2] had an air flask that was shortened and a reduced warhead weight. The fuel and water tanks were relocated to obtain more air flask capacity; the fuel tank was mounted in the aft air flask bulkhead, while the water tanks were mounted in the after-body. The overall weight of the warshot torpedo was 590 pounds lighter and 58 inches shorter than the Mark 7. The air, fuel and water capacities were approximately one-third of the capacities found on the full-size Mark 7. This torpedo was never produced in quantity.[1]

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