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Siege of Danzig (1655-1660)
Part of the Second Northern War and Deluge
Europe map 1648.PNG
Map of Europe at around that time.
Result Polish-Lithuanian-Dutch victory
Sweden Sweden Chorągiew królewska króla Zygmunta III Wazy.svgPolish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
 Dutch Republic
Commanders and leaders
Charles X Gustav of Sweden
Lorens von der Linde
Adrian von der Linde
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Casualties and losses
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The Siege of Danzig took place between 1655 and 1660 when a Swedish force tried to capture this important Baltic Sea port city from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth during the Second Northern War. After 5 years of fighting around Danzig (Gdańsk), the Swedish force which has made little ground surrendered.


  • 1655
    • Swedish naval forces blocked Danzig's harbor - trade was suspended.
    • Swedish land forces capture the fortress Danziger Haupt (Głowa Gdańska, Danzig Head) - very important water gate on Vistula River
  • 1656, July - Dutch naval forces comes to Gdańsk Bay and unblock Danzig's harbor.
  • 1656, September - Treaty of Elbing: siege lifted due to Dutch intervention
  • 1659, 26 October - Poles defeated the Swedes in a skirmish near Danziger Haupt.
  • 1659, 22 December - Swedish garrison of the fortress Danziger Haupt capitulated.
  • 1660, May - Treaty of Oliva was signed. End of war.

Danzig all of that time was unconquered and remain loyal to Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


Further reading[]

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