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Siege of Hachigata
Part of the Sengoku period
LocationHachigata Castle, Musashi province
36°06′33″N 139°11′46″E / 36.1092°N 139.196°E / 36.1092; 139.196Coordinates: 36°06′33″N 139°11′46″E / 36.1092°N 139.196°E / 36.1092; 139.196
Result Hōjō victory
forces of Hōjō Ujiyasu forces of Takeda Shingen
Commanders and leaders
Hōjō Ujikuni Takeda Shingen
6800 6000

The first siege of Hachigata took place in 1568; Takeda Shingen laid siege to the castle, which was controlled by Hōjō Ujikuni, but was unable to capture it. Shingen then moved south to besiege Takiyama castle, on his way to the Hōjō capital of Odawara.

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