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Siege of Trebizond
Part of the Byzantine–Seljuk Wars
LocationTrebizond, Pontus
Result Trebizondian victory; Seljuks fail to take the capital
Empire of Trebizond Sultanate of Rûm
Commanders and leaders
Alexios I of Trebizond Kaykhusraw I

The Siege of Trebizond from 1205 to 1206 was an attempt by the Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm to take the city along the coast of the Black Sea. Prior to this, the Seljuks had successfully taken cities in Western Asia Minor and from their Danishmend rivals. The Turks failed to capture the city. In the end, Kaykhusraw I turned his attention against the Nicaean Empire and also seized Antalya.

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