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Smith & Wesson Model 18
Type Revolver
Place of origin United States
Weight 37.6 oz (1,070 g) [1]
Length 9.25 in (23.5 cm)[1]
Barrel length 4 in (10 cm)[1]

Caliber .22 LR[1]
Action Double action[1] revolver
Feed system 6 round cylinder[1]
Sights Adjustable open sights[1]

The Smith & Wesson Model 18 is a 4-inch barreled, double action revolver, with adjustable open sights, chambered for the .22 long rifle. It holds six cartridges in its cylinder and is essentially a .22 caliber version of the Model 15 "K-38 Combat Masterpiece" revolver. It was popular as a training weapon for law enforcement officials and others who carried .38 Special and larger caliber revolvers because the Model 18 operates and handles in a similar fashion, but uses low-recoiling and inexpensive .22 rimfire ammunition.

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