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Smith & Wesson Models 619 & 620
Type Revolver
Place of origin United States
Production history
Manufacturer Smith & Wesson
Weight 37.9oz
Length 912"
Barrel length 4" (102mm)

Cartridge * .357 Magnum
Action Double action
Feed system 7 round cylinder
Sights * Fixed rear sights (619)

The Smith & Wesson models 619 & 620 are 7 shot revolvers introduced by the company in 2005. The 619 has fixed rear sights while the 620 comes with adjustable rear sights and a different handgrip. They are very similar and often mistaken for members of the 686 family.[1]

In actuality they are descendants of S&W's model 65 & 66. The 65 & 66 models were discontinued and the 619 & 620 filled their place as the next generation. They were updated to current S&W standards with the addition of a key lock safety as well as 7 round cylinders. The K-Frame of the 65 & 66 was replaced with the newer reinforced L-Frame.[1]

620 vs 686P[edit | edit source]

Smith & Wesson model 620 (top) compared to model 686P (bottom)

These handguns share many common traits but are easily distinguished by key differences. Both models are based on the Smith & Wesson L-Frame and are available in 4" barrels with 7 shot capacity. The 686 features a full-underlug barrel made of one piece whereas the 620 sports a half-lug and two piece barrel.[2] The 620 weighs in at 37.9oz, just a hair lighter than the 686's 38oz. The lighter model also shaves 1/8" off of the 686's 958" overall length.[3]

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