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Soldat may refer to the lowest rank of enlisted men in the land-based armed forces of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is usually grouped as OR-1 within the NATO ranking system, excluding the Swiss armed services which is not part of NATO.[1]

Germany[edit | edit source]

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(Army, Air Force, Navy)
Jacke Dienstanzug Heeresuniformträger Jägertruppe Jacke Dienstanzug Luftwaffenuniformträger
Rank insignia German enlisted rank
Introduction 1955
Rank group Enlisted ranks
Army Soldat
Air Force Flieger
Navy Matrose

The German term Soldat (equivalent to Soldier in English) has its roots as far back as the 16th-century, where it was a common designation for a paid or remunerated ordinary-rank member of a military infantry, especially one who was not an officer. In the German language Sold implies "pay", and as such the term Soldat designated a person in pay (being paid) for providing armed service.

In the Federal armed forces of Germany (Bundeswehr) it can be the collective term to any person in uniform, e.g. Officers (de: Offiziere), Non-Commissioned Officers (de: Unteroffiziere), and enlisted men (de: Mannschaften).

In the Bundeswehr it is used to describe conscripts (de: Wehrpflichtiger), short/long term serving volunteers (de: Zeitsoldat, or Soldat auf Zeit), and career or regular servicemen (de: Berufssoldat).[2]

It is grade A3 in the pay rules of the Federal Ministry of Defence.

The sequence of ranks (top-down approach) in that particular group is as follows:

Preceded by
junior Rank
Bundeswehr Logo Heer with lettering.svgBundeswehr Logo Luftwaffe with lettering.svg
(German enlisted rank)
Succeeded by
senior Rank

Designation[edit | edit source]

The designation of the particular OR1-rank depens in line to the Zentraler Dienstvorschrift 14/5 on the individual career of the soldier and membership to the service branch Heer, Luftwaffe or Bundeswehr medical service. E.g., the unique OR1-rank designation in the Marine is Matrose, and Sanitätssoldat in the Bundeswehr medical service. Other OR1-designations are descript in the table below.

Abbrev.[3] Carrier grout (e.g.[4])
Flieger Flg
Funker Fu soldiers of the lowest OR1-rank
  • in the Bundeswehr Signal Corps, not involved to units of tactical combat forces like Bundeswehr Armoured Corps
  • of the Heer (Bundeswehr) in stationary Bundeswehr communications centers
  • in signal units of the Electronic Warfare
  • in units of the Operational Communications
Grenadier Gren any person in uniform of the Heer (Bundeswehr) in the lowest OR1-rank Wachbataillon beim Bundesministerium der Verteidigung since 1991 (until 1991 Jäger)
Jäger Jg soldiers of the lowest OR1-rank in the units of Jägertruppe, Fallschirmjägertruppe and Gebirgsjägertruppe
Kanonier Kan soldier of the lowest OR1-rank
  • of the Bundeswehr unit of the Artillery Corps (exempted Panzerhaubitze)
  • in the Flugabwehrraketengeschwader 1 of the Luftwaffe (Bundewehr)
  • of the Bundeswehr Geo-Information Service belonging to the Heer (Bundeswehr)
Matrose Matr Person in uniform of the lowest OR1-rank of the German Navy
Panzerfunker PzFu soldiers of the lowest OR1-rank of signal troops, integrated to units of the Bundeswehr Armoured Corps
Panzergrenadier PzGren, PG
  • soldier of the lowest OR1-rank of units of the Bundeswehr Panzergrenadiertruppe (en: Motorised infantry)
  • Panzergrenadier is also the collective name to all persons in uniform of the Bundeswehr Panzergrenadiertruppe
Panzerjäger PzJg This OR1-rank was deleted in line to the abolishment of the Bundeswehr Panzerjägertruppe (en: Anti-tank troops) until 2006.
  • from 1955 to 2006 it was the lowest OR1-rank of the Panzerjägertruppe
  • Panzergrjäger was also the collective name to all persons in uniform of the Panzerjägertruppe
Panzerkanonier PzKan soldier of the lowest OR1-rank of Bundeswehr artillery corps batteries, equipped with armored self-propelled howitzers (de: Panzerhaubitze)
Panzerpionier PzPi
  • soldier of the lowest OR1-rank of Bundeswehr Panzerpionier units (en: Armored engineer)
  • Panzerpionier is also the collective name to all persons in uniform of the Bundeswehr Panzerpionier companies / Panzerpionier battalions
Panzerschütze PzSchtz soldier of the lowest OR1-rank of units of the Bundeswehr Panzertruppe (en: Armoured corps)
Pionier Pi
  • soldier of the lowest OR1-rank of Bundeswehr Pioniertruppe (en: Combat engineering), with exemption of the armored engineer companies / armored engineer battailons
  • Pionier is also the collective name to all persons in uniform of the Bundeswehr Pioniertruppe
Sanitätssoldat SanSdt
  • soldier of the lowest OR1-rank of Joint Medical Service (Germany) and medical service Heer (Bundeswehr)
  • Sanitätssoldat is also the collective name to all persons in uniform in the Sanitätsdienst der Bundeswehr (en: Bundeswehr Medical Service)
Schütze Schtz Normally any military person in uniform, serving in Heer (Bundeswehr), that do not belong to the above-mentioned OR1-ranks.

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Sources / References[edit | edit source]

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