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The Solicitor General of the Navy was an office of the United States Department of the Navy that existed periodically from 1862 until 1929. In 1941, it was superseded by the permanent office of General Counsel of the Navy. The Solicitor General of the Navy was the senior legal adviser to the United States Secretary of the Navy.

Solicitors General of the Navy, 1862–1929Edit

Name Assumed Office Left Office President Appointed By
Nathaniel Wilson 1862 March 1865 Abraham Lincoln
William E. Chandler March 1865 Fall 1865 Abraham Lincoln
John Augustus Bolles Fall 1865 May 25, 1878 Andrew Johnson
Edwin P. Hanna July 1, 1899 July 3, 1909 William McKinley
Henry M. Butler February 1, 1910 March 31, 1911 William Howard Taft
Tristam B. Johnson April 1, 1911 July 16, 1911 William Howard Taft
Harry W. Miller January 3, 1912 August 9, 1913 William Howard Taft
Graham Egerton 1913 1921 Woodrow Wilson
Pickens Neagle September 2, 1921 June 30, 1929 Warren G. Harding


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