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South African Naval Museum
Location Dockyard Magazine and Storehouse, Simon's Town
Type Naval museum
Website www.simonstown.com/navalmuseum/index.htm

The South African Naval Museum at the South African Navy's base in Simon's Town is a project by the South African Naval Heritage Trust.[1]

The SA Navy Museum is housed in and around the original Dockyard Magazine/Storehouse and is staffed by Naval Personnel and civilian volunteers. There is no admission fee.[2]

A major exhibit of the museum's is the SAS Assegaai, a Daphné class submarine. It is the first and thus far only former SA Navy vessel to have been converted into a museum ship.[3] It is open to the public for guided tours by former submariners. The submarine is currently afloat in the Navy base, but there are plans to bring her ashore.[4]

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